Your Guide to Seeing and Interacting with UFOs, Mystery Lights and Plasma Intelligences


A New Book by Andrew Collins


LightQuest is a new way of seeing and interacting with the UFO phenomenon. It sees the phenomena observed as the product of intelligent light forms that have co-existed with humanity since time immemorial. It reveals what they are, how to see them, where to see them and what to do if you do see them.

Since the modern flying saucer era began in 1947 we have been told that UFOs are interplanetary craft and their occupants either intergalactic ambassadors or invaders from space. Tales of crashed saucers, ancient astronauts, and the alien agenda dominate UFO literature and media presentations, but has this led us astray?

Have we been conditioned to believe that UFOs are nuts and bolts space hardware, when clearly the phenomena seen, when genuinely real, seems far more exotic than anything previously imagined? If we can see UFOs as sentient energy forms and complex plasma constructs then we enter a whole new realm of possibilities, which might even start to make sense of UFO close encounters and missing time episodes.

Building on the work of pioneers in the this field such as Paul Devereux, Michael Persinger and Jenny Randles, LightQuest looks at the proposed inter- relationship between manifesting light forms and both shifts in space-time and the presence of a higher dimensional reality unfurled during such profound experiences. Is it possible that during UFO close encounters we enter what might be described as isolated bubble universes, where the interaction between human consciousness and plasma-based environments come together to create virtual worlds of our own making, based on our present conception of what we expect to experience under such traumatic and otherworldly circumstances?

If the answer is yes, then the only good explanation would have to involve a progressive understanding of quantum entanglement, i.e. non-local communication, in which whole systems of twinned particles are able to transfer information back and forth in an instant of time. Under such conditions a shifted reality that might present itself as the interior of a spacecraft, the realm of faerieor even the heavenly paradise might come into being, and be very real indeed. Yet in fact it is a mental projection existing temporarily within a higher dimensional reality attached to highly energetic light forms.

So is there any real intelligence behind these energetic light forms, which seem to be plasma based in nature (i.e. they exist as photon emitting seas of electrons held together by magnetic fields)?

American quantum physicist David Bohm was perhaps the first to realize that seas of electrons making up plasma environments act in a manner that might be described as cell-like in behaviour, in other words they mimicked the actions of cellular life. He posited that some form of proto intelligence existing under normal circumstances in a deeper level of reality might be able to interpenetrate plasma environments for the duration of their existence. Such ideas have been examined more closely in recent years by plasma physicists such as Vadim N. Tsytovich of the General Physics Institute at the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow, working alongside colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany, and the University of Sydney, Australia. Tsytovich is convinced that cell-like life forms existing in plasma environments might have helped kick start life on this planet, or that it might exist quite separate to biological life. In fact, he proposes that plasma life might exist in space, and that SETI like initiatives might pay better dividends if they were to search for signs of intelligence within the plasma environments that make up as much as 95 percent of the universe as we know it.

Can such light intelligences, if they exist, inhabit balls of light and UFOs of the type so frequently recorded both in the past and since the advent of the flying saucer age? Many UFO researchers have concluded this fact across the years. Paul Devereux has examined such ideas, as has psychologist Dr Gregory Little. Yet by far the greatest pioneer in this field of study is writer Trevor James Constable. Since the 1950s, in books such as They Live in the Sky and The Cosmic Pulse of Life, he has proposed that UFOs are amoeba-like animals or "critters" that inhabit the upper atmosphere. In his opinion, these "sky-creatures" exist in an invisible form, but very occasionally shift in frequency to become visible as shimmering disks, lights in the sky and glowing balls of energy. He even wrote that such energy forms were responsible for circular ground markings identified in the past as saucer nests, but which are today known more popularly as crop circles.

Even if light energy forms of this nature can be sentient in nature, what - the UFO believer is going to say - has this to do with real UFOs, i.e. the space vehicles from distant star systems used by the aliens to abduct people?

The answer is that all around the world UFO hotspots, or window areas, seem to produce a plethora of cases of mysterious light sightings across a prolonged period of time. There seems to be a profound relationship between what is seen and where it is seen, arguably based on geology, topography and other environmental factors. This would suggest that many UFOs are manifestations associated with the earth itself, or at least the location in which they appear. Such sightings have occurred for hundreds if not thousands of years. Although we see this phenomena today as the result of alien hardware inbound from other planets, in the past mysterious lights were interpreted as visible signs of the faerie realm, or as the eyes of hellish denizens or the light of saints. In other words, we interpret what we see in a manner acceptable to our present day understanding of a phenomenon that has no easy explanation in the world in which we live.

More crucial is the fact that the same locations where strange lights are repeatedly seen UFO close encounters and even missing time episodes can and do take place. Invariably, these close proximity UFO events involve, not structured craft as we are so often led to believe, but energetic balls of light. It is they that seem responsible for such missing time episodes, which all too often lead to claims of alien contact and onboard experiences of the type first reported in connection with the Betty and Barney Hill case from 1961.

Is it because we have been conditioned to believe that UFOs are space hardware that missing time episodes so often lead to hideous abduction experiences with bug-eyed aliens? In the past similar encounters with mysterious light forms could result in unexpected entries to fairyland, trips to paradise, or nightmarish abductions into Hell. All of these experiences are perhaps of our own making, and what LightQuest attempts to do is show that by accepting that these otherworldly experiences are essentially our own, we can, conceivably, change what happens under such traumatic circumstances. Communion with what might be described as sentient plasma light forms can be different, and they need to be, for there is every reason to believe that these light intelligences might actually want to both interact with us, and communicate with humankind, for reasons that can only be guessed at today.

As Paul Devereux, to whom the book is dedicated, has stated:

If earth lights actually are geophysical-based manifestations of consciousness, then they represent an older form than biologically-based consciousness. In effect, they are ancestor lights. Perhaps it is time we got to know the ancestors a whole lot better.

There is a science to seeing and interacting with mysterious light forms and UFO intelligences, and the most obvious key is the role that plasma and higher dimensional realities play in this world of ours, and not whether or not humanity as a race is being subjected to some dark alien agenda.

LightQuest: Your Guide to Seeing and Interacting with UFOs, Mystery Lights and Plasma Intelligences by Andrew Collins (Eagle Wing Books, June 2012). ISBN-
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