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I'm delighted to be able to bring you the first part of an exclusive interview with mysteries researcher and author Andrew Collins today. The internationally renowned author of The Black Alchemist, The Cygnus Mystery, Ashes of Angels, The Seventh Sword, The Circlemakers and many more, Collins has been researching historical, physical and psychic enigmas professionally for over thirty years. He is the founding father of the practice of psychic questing, and ran southern England's 'Earthquest' mysteries investigation group for years.

Collins has recently rediscovered and entered a previously unknown cave system beneath the Pyramids of Giza. Its had long been rumored in myth and legend, and in 1817 Henry Salt, the then Consul General to Egypt, discovered its entrance west of the Great Pyramid. He and Italian explorer Giovanni Caviglia searched for several hundred yards before giving up, yet in that short time, entered three large, interconnected chambers. Salt's memoirs were never published and the site was lost, and it has remained no more than a rumour ever since. Following some incredible detective work in 2008, Andrew and a team entered Salt's catacombs and for the first time in modern history, uncovered this lost world. It is the subject of his upcoming book "Beneath the Pyramids" (Fourth Dimension Press, 2009), where he will reveal all sorts of fascinating discoveries and their implications for our understanding of ancient Egypt.

GhostWoods: Thanks for agreeing to talk to us, Andy. You've had a long-established interest in Ancient Egypt, and you've made some startling discoveries about its history and underworld. You mention the Morphians in your work, in the context of powerful spiritual entities. Who or what exactly are they?

AC: The best way I can explain them is to use an analogy. You watch your favourite film. You know how it begins, what happens along the way, all the good bits, bad parts, and how it ends. It makes you feel good, for it is a perfect film. Then one day you watch the movie and something different happens mid way through, causing the rest of the film to have a completely different ending, and one that is not ideal, or to your liking. In fact, everything ends in chaos, carnage and disaster. All this has come about just because one act, or moment of connection, didn't occur for one reason or another. The whole thing annoys you, and you want to make it right, so the next time that the film comes on you watch it, anticipating the moment of change. You then interfere in order to make sure that the act in question takes place, so that the rest of the film has a happy ending. If it involves two people meeting for the first time, who go on to get married, or do something courageous, then you ensure they get together, say perhaps by making one dream about the other until there is no chance of them not getting together. If this doesn't work, then you appear to them as, say, a spirit apparition, one they will accept as providing meaningful advice, and quite literally say to one, or both of them, it is your destiny to get together with so and so.

Then on further occasions you see the film, you realize that other important scenes are in jeopardy because connections or nexus points are not being made, resulting in even further alternative endings, forcing you to intervene, or interfere, on even more occasions. Only by keeping watch over the entire film can you ensure that it is played out properly from start to finish on every occasion.

Now think of that film as the timeline of the universe from the moment of first creation to its final destruction. On some level the cause and effect of that universe is predetermined because there is no such thing as linear time beyond normal space-time. The past, present and future all co-exist with each other in a non-linear manner, and non-local actions can take place in all three mediums, all at the same time. In other words, the future can influence the past and present. The present can influence the past and future, and the past can influence both the present and the future. See this in symbolic form as a figure of eight with one loop signifying the future, the other symbolising the past, and the point of crossover in the middle as the here and now, with both loops able to flow into each other on a constant never-ending, cyclic basis.

Thus everything that happens in the universe is essentially predetermined on one level or another, and although there can be some variations in the basic plot, the universe has to end in a specific manner otherwise it cannot collapse back down to a state that will enable the creation of the next universe. It is like an arrow that is fired from a bow towards the bull's eye on a target. A butterfly getting in the way would not affect it's flight, but a more hefty obstruction, like a bird or unexpected gust of wind, could mean that the arrow misses the target altogether. If this was the timeline of the universe, then its ending would not be the right one, meaning that everything would be different not just in the next created universe, but in all others that either will or have existed, including the one you are in today, for the creation of universes in a cyclic, non-linear process.

So having established just how delicate the fate of the universe might be, then it makes sense to consider that if there were highly intelligent, pan-dimensional entities out there, then one of their principal concerns would be ensuring the timeline of the universe. In whatever capacity they could, they would make sure that nexus points are met and actions are fulfilled, in order that the universe's pre-destined inevitability is achieved. If such beings do exist, then their state of existence would be virtually beyond comprehension, and if they are involved with the human race, then quite obviously they would be able to take any shape or form they required in order to convey the information necessary to affect human decisions. This is one of the reasons why they might be called Morphians, for in classical mythology Morpheus was the god who could appear in whatever guise he wished in order to convey messages to people in their dreams.

Morphians would be able to influence human consciousness on a subconscious level, by appearing as familiar figures of your dreamscape or mindscape, or by existing as channelled entities, such as ancestor spirits, spirit totems, shamanic animals, angels, aliens, gods, goddesses or fairies. Since Morphians would exist beyond space-time, they carry information that is both from the future and the past, and sometimes it might be necessary to reveal knowledge of future things. They might even inspire people with ideas of future science, religion, culture and technology, which needs to be developed sooner than later in order to make sure it takes its rightful place in society at the correct time. Someone like Leonardo da Vinci is a prime example of someone who might have been fed future knowledge from Morphians, or even the English bard himself, William Shakespeare, the person who single handedly created the English language we know today. These are the sort of people who could, feasibly, have experienced Morphian contact during their lives, either as inspired ideas, significant dreams, waking visions, or simply artistic expression. It all works the same way.

More often or not Morphians are likely to appear to people either in dreams or as visions in order to trigger a person into taking a certain predestined course that will quite literally be world changing in its eventuality, even if the person never comes to realise this during their lifetime. Morphians intercede in order to kick start a person's future destiny. Such people are the real chosen ones, simply by the fact that their own future actions are marked out even before they are born into this world, for the future already exists in some form or another. They might have a big role in life, or simply a small but essential one. For instance, they might be destined to give birth to someone who will go on to have an even greater destiny on earth, so their life must be ensured as well as the son or daughter who will go on to execute the pre-determined events that will be important to the evolution of the human race, and possibly even to the survival of the planet itself. In all honesty we all play some higher purpose in our lives to one degree or other, meaning that everyone is affected or influenced by Morphians at some point in their lives.

As to the identity of the Morphians, we can see them as pan-dimensional beings of pure energy, operating on a quantum level. They might even be a necessary part of the fabric of the universe, without any kind of individuality. Their role is simple. They ensure that the destiny of the universe, and every planet and life form within it, is fulfilled from start to finish, alpha to omega, from beginning to end. How do they appear to human beings without their masks? I suspect they appear as shades, shadows, human like forms that absorb spectral light, so that they will appear like holes in the fabric of matter. Yet perhaps this is simply another mask they wear, in my eyes only. Peel that away and you will find something else, which can equally be disbelieved. In human archetypes, Morphians are the dark man, the trickster, the cosmic joker, and the fool or jester. Can they be contacted? Perhaps. Can they be bargained with? Maybe. Are their actions always beneficial, and in harmony with the greater scheme of the universe? Probably not. But we are never meant to know who or what they are. We will only ever think we know them, even if they don't exist at all.

For those interested in reading more about the concept of Morphians and their influence on human destiny see my article on that subject at, Grails and Morphian Contact.htm


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