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Watch the entire Origins 2013 Conference in London on Saturday via live streaming. Watch ALL lectures, which will come from Caroline Wise, Graham Phillips, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock and Andrew Collins. Graham Hancock, who takes the stage at 7pm, will give two presentations. One will be on how Gobekli Tepe and the Younger Dryas comet impact of 10,900 BC become smoking guns for the existence of a lost civilization responsible for examples of advanced culture and technology found all over the world in the wake of the last Ice Age. The other will be on the material for his recent novel on the conquest of the Aztec empire by Cortez entitled War God. Both will be available to watch on the day.

Access for the entire day has been set at £19.99 (around $33).


How to use the live stream technology

1) The event is being live-streamed to the internet and is very simple to use.
2) Sign-up online via Paypal above and you will be sent a passcode in an email.
3) Simply copy and paste the passcode into the box on the payment page (get there by clicking the play button at 10am on 16th November) and watch the entire conference from the comfort of your own home at the correct time (see schedule below).
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Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock, author of such classics as Fingerprints of the Gods (1996), Supernatural (2006), and the ground-breaking novel Entangled (2009), is no stranger to the Questing Conference and Megalithomania. At Origins 2013 he will preview the road of discovery that led to the writing of his new book Magicians of the Gods, a sequel to the world bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods (1995). The presentation will include his preliminary thoughts on Gobekli Tepe, which he will be visiting in September, and its place in the wake of the loss of a golden age brought to a close by a global cataclysm that is only now being verified by science. He will also introduce the story behind the writing of his latest novel War God, about the collision that occurred when Mexico's sacrifice loving empire of the Aztecs came face to face with the Spanish army under the command of Hernandez Cortez. It is a story of fate and destiny embroiled in the prophecy of the return from the east of the great god Quetzecoatl.

Graham's official website

Robert Bauval

Robert Bauval, co-author of bestsellers such as The Orion Mystery (1994) and Keeper of Genesis (1997), and a great friend of the Questing Conference and Megalithomania, will present the quest of discovery behind his latest book Imhotep: Architect of the Cosmos, co-written with astrophysicist Thomas Brophy. In this thought-provoking book, the authors uncover the mystery of Imhotep, the architect of the step pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. Based on their research at the Saqqara pyramid field, Bauval and Brophy re-examine astronomical alignments and other design features to uncover the true origins and genius of Imhotep. They follow clues that lead them on a fascinating magical mystery tour, beginning at Saqqara and taking them to Upper Egypt and the stones of Nabta Playa and the Neolithic peoples who placed them there.

Robert's official website


Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips, author of landmark books such as King Arthur - The True Story (1993), The Shakespeare Conspiracy (1995), The Marian Conspiracy (2001) and cult classic The Green Stone (1984), is a bestselling historical writer. He is also an old friend of the the Questing Conference, and will be appearing at the Origin 2013 conference to reveal the incredible quest that led to the discovery that 3,500 years ago across the world strange things suddenly began - bizarre, simultaneous events that have never been properly explained. The Bronze Age culture responsible for Stonehenge came to an abrupt end. After living in relative peace for centuries, civilizations across the earth - in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas - were simultaneously overwhelmed by an epidemic of mass violence. Neighbour fought neighbour and entire cultures were destroyed. Around the globe humanity suddenly embraced new gods, and new religious sects independently appeared. All over the world - in China, India, Asia, and the Middle East - priests inscribed an almost identical symbol on the walls of temples, palaces and tombs. The image of an awesome manifestation that appeared in the skies. What on earth was happening around 1500 BC?

Graham's official website

Hugh Newman

Hugh Newman, co-founder and current organiser of the Megalithomania conferences, and author of the book Earth Grids (2008), will present an exclusive presentation on his quest to uncover the key sites featured in the lost energy grids of North, Central and South America. It is a story that has taken him through dozens of countries over the past ten years, with many of his discoveries inspired by strange experiences and bizarre synchronicities.

Hugh official website

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins, author of such books as The Black Alchemist (1988), The Cygnus Mystery (2006), Beneath the Pyramids (2009) and LightQuest (2012), is the founder of the psychic questing movement, and organiser of the Questing Conference. In advance of the publication of his new book Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, he will exclusively reveal the quest to discover the Garden of Eden and the Mountain of Assembly of the Watchers of the book of Enoch, showing their relationship to the discovery 200 miles away of Göbekli Tepe.

Caroline Wise

Caroline Wise is an author, writer, priestess and book publisher. She is also a strong supporter of psychic questing, and has worked within this field for over thirty years. One of her greatest passions is understanding the origins of Europe's primeval goddess, known variously as Elen of the Hosts, St Helena, Santa Elena, and the Fairy Queen Ilona. Her existence has presented itself on numerous occasions and Caroline has following a quest of discovery that has led her to conclude that Elen's origin date back to Palaeolithic times, where she was the spirit of the chase, the Mistress of the Animals appeased by the reindeer hunters of the Great European Plain. She was the light of the land, a within the darkness of the night, a matter discussed in her forthcoming book Elen - Goddess of the Land.


On Sunday, 17th November, conference delegates can join mysteries writer Andrew Collins on the London Walkabout. Expect a walk in stages of approximately three to four miles spaced out over a period of five hours. There will be a break for a pub lunch halfway through the walk.



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Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

The venue for the Origins 2013 conference is the plush theatre hall in Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1. It is situated just a short distance from Sherlock Holmes fictional address of 221b Baker Street, which actually exists today (it didn't when Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his Sherlock Holmes stories in the early twentieth century).

The theatre is in the art style of the futurism movement, and forms part of Steiner House, the home of the Anthroposophical Society. This was founded in 1923 by Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925) as "a path of knowledge to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe", which aptly describes the function today of psychic questing. For Steiner, the society was "an association of people whose will it is to nurture the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world". The organisers of the Origins 2013 conference are honoured to have been given special permission to hold the event at this prestigious venue.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Steiner House is situated at 35 Park Road, London, 5 minutes walk from Baker Street tube station. Just walk to the northern end of Baker Street and turn left onto Park Road. Marylebone station is also close by. For those coming by car, the postcode is NW1 6XT. The nearest car park is Park Road NCP Car Park, 65 Park Rd, Greater London NW1 4SH. Click for directions.


The Saturday conference at Steiner House takes place between 10am and 9pm, with the first lecture beginning at 10.15 am. There will be an hour for lunch, and a short break before the keynote lecture in the evening.



Here are a few hotels in the vicinity of the Steiner House venue for the conference.

Park Avenue, Baker Street, 173 Gloucester Place, Westminster, London, NW1 6DX

146 Suites, 146-148 Gloucester Place, Westminster, London, NW1 6DT

Somerset Hotel, 6 Dorset Square, Gloucester Place, Westminster, London, NW1 6QA

Americana Hotel, 172 Gloucester Place, Westminster, London, NW1 6DS

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