Following on from his memorable appearance at QuestCon in 2003, Greg Little returns to QuestCon 2006 from Memphis to present an audio-visual show containing stunning new evidence of underwater archaeological structures off the coasts of three Bahaman islands - Anquilla Island in the Cay Sal group just 24 miles from Cuba, Andros Island, the largest landmass in the archipelago, and Bimini, site of the famous Bimini Road. Greg and his wife, Lora, began investigating underwater sites in the Bahamas after Andrew Collins's book GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS (2000) stimulated their first search to look for underwater and landscape archaeological remains at Andros.

Greg's presentation will summarize their finds and will also show footage from his DVD 'The Bimini Hoax', which proves beyond all doubt that the principal marine geologist who in the 1970s dismissed the Bimini Road - a J-shaped stone feature over one kilometre in length - as random natural beach rock back, deliberately hoaxed his findings.

Incredibly, in 2005 the Little's discovered a series of underwater stone circles strewn with stone anchors about 1 km from the Bimini Road site. Video from these sites at Bimini (scheduled for June 06) will also be shown for the first time.

In a totally original presentation, based on the first ever proper study of prehistoric underwater archaeology in the Bahamas, Greg offers overwhelming evidence that the archipelago supported a series of prehistoric breakwaters, jetties and quays, where ancient stone anchors have also been discovered and recorded. Working with archaeologist Bill Donato, the Little's research in 2005 was the first discovery confirming an ancient maritime culture at Bimini. These underwater stone structures resemble harbor formations built by the Maya in the Yucatan but are more sophisticated constructions similar to a host of ancient Mediterranean harbors.

Who exactly was responsible for these prehistoric harbours remains a mystery, although it is becoming clear that they are similar to those built by maritime voyagers from Spain, North Africa or the Eastern Mediterranean.

Greg Little (left) with archaeologist Bill Donato

None of this counts as evidence for Atlantis; however, the mere existence of these structure is far reaching, and supports the idea that Plato's Atlantis was indeed inspired by transatlantic journeys prior to his own day.

Dr Greg Little is a psychologist, prehistorian, and author of nearly 30 books including PEOPLE OF THE WEB, THE MOUND BUILDERS, and the recently released EDGAR CAYCE's ATLANTIS. He and his wife Lora are former editors of ANCIENT MYSTERIES, the official journal of the ARE.


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