Exploring Europe's Sacred Axis


Imagine a straight corridor of sacred places - all linked with the archangel Michael and dedicated to his name - crossing Europe from Ireland to Italy. Moreover, a line that is targeted on key oracle and temple sites in Greece, and terminates at Megiddo, ancient Armageddon, the place of the final confrontation between good and evil in Revelations. Sounds fantastic, I know, but such an incredible concept of sacred geography forming the backbone of Europe was quite literally dreamed of in the 1950s by Frenchman Jean Richer, and later investigated by his brother Lucien (author of THE ST MICHAEL-APOLLO AXIS, English trans., Gatekeeper Trust, 1994).

In 1998, earth mysteries writer Paul Broadhurst and dowser Hamish Miller, the co-authors of the ever popular book THE SUN AND THE SERPENT, about Britain’s own St Michael-Mayday sunrise line, decided to investigate the St Michael-Apollo axis. They travelled its entire course, beginning at Skellig Michael in southern Ireland and taking in St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall; Mont St Michel in Brittany, Bourges in central France; Sacra di San Michele in Piedmont, Italy, before going on to explore the sites linked to it in Greece and the Holy Land. For the two earth mysteries researchers, it was a gargantuan challenge which resulted in many breath-taking revelations outlined in their invaluable book THE DANCE OF THE DRAGON (Pendragon Press, 2000), described by visionary and modern antiquarian John Michell as ‘A tremendously exciting book… surely the most remarkable antiquarian or questing journey that has ever been undertaken’. Their discoveries take us back to the roots of religion, embedded in the landscape and encoded in legend and myth, and show that in antiquity a highly developed natural science determined the siting and character of sacred sites. During a spectacular audio-visual presentation, Paul will take QuestCon delegates on a sacred journey 2,500 miles in length, which will demonstrate once and for all the hidden reality of Europe’s sacred geography and its importance to the evolution of human consciousness.

Paul Broadhurst is an author, photographer and researcher into mythology and sacred landscapes. He is best known for his work on the British and European St Michael Lines - long-distance alignments of sacred sites dedicated to the archangel Michael. He has also written SECRET SHRINES, an exploration of the power of Holy Wells, and TINTAGEL AND THE ARTHURIAN MYTHOS, a quest for the roots of the legend of the birth of King Arthur. He is currently working on a book that will bring new light to the mystery of St George.

After a childhood in Tipperary, Ireland, he lived briefly in London before becoming enchanted by the magical atmosphere of North Cornwall, where he still lives and runs a business in a picturesque harbour village. Pendragon Press, a cottage publishing house of which he is proprietor, is known for producing highly original and beautifully-produced works, as well the recently formed Mythos Press. He lectures internationally, and has featured on radio and TV. He also plays a 1960s Gibson SG guitar in a local rock band.

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