* Andrew Collins Newsletter - January 13, 2012 *

Andrew Collins approaches the Astronomical Tower at Harran, Southeast Turkey, in 2004.



Just a brief hello to say Happy New Year, and that we now have 20 percent off all antiquities and objets d’art from my personal collection, which are currently being sold via my friend and colleague Richard Ward’s website manmythandmagic.com.

Have a look and see if anything takes your fancy.


I am still working full time on new book Finding Eden, which is now finished in length, although I am still doing some serious editing right now. It should all be over by the end of the month, but then there is another month or so of working on the illustrations, maps and plates, so hold tight. The book should be out towards the end of the year.

After Finding Eden, I really am getting down to re-publishing the re-mastered edition The Black Alchemist. Definitely this time!

In the meantime I have slightly updated a classic article from 2004 entitled "One Week in Kurdistan", which features my first visit to Gobekli Tepe years before the place became popular. I also visit Cayonu, Karahan Tepe, Harran, Sanliurfa and many other places. It was the journey that catalysed the Cygnus Mystery, and also inspired parts of new book Finding Eden, Take a look if you haven't read it yet.


Best regards,

Andrew Collins