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Visit Cambodia's magnificent Hindu-Buddhist temple complexes of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, and explore the Buddhist temple of Preah Vihear, which features cyclopean masonry of possible pre-Vedic origin. This special six-day tour is timed to coincide with the spectacular sight of the equinoctial sunrise, which aligns perfectly with the axis of the Angkor Wat ceremonial complex. Your hosts are Andrew Collins, author of many books that challenge the way we see the past, Hugh Newman, author of Earth Grids, and Bruce Cunningham, the proprietor of Ancient Mysteries International.

Optional four-day excursion to Laos with Andrew and Hugh to see
the vast fields of mysterious, human-sized megalithic stone jars in the so-called Plain of Jars.

Siem Reap, the colourful capital of Siem Reap province, Cambodia
(pictures courtesy the Wiki Commons Agreement)

Tuesday, March 17. Day one. Join the group at Siem Reap, the capital city of Siem Reap province in northwest Cambodia. Check in to the luxorious guest house, relax, and in the evening experience the local night markets, restaurants and colourful night life.

Wednesday, March 18. Day two. Orientation for guests in the morning. After lunch visit the magnificent Hindu and later Buddhist temple complex of Ankhor Thom, established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII, and covering an area of three and a half square miles. See its incredible symbolic carving, which heavily features cosmological themes, as well as the use of key cosmic numbers such as 54, 108 and 72. Included on the visit is the Bayon Temple with the many carved faces of the Buddha, as well as Ta Prohm Temple, where trees grow through the rocks. Experience Siem Reap's restaurants and nightlife in the evening.

The breath-taking temples of Angkor Thom, Cambodia
(pictures courtesy of the Wiki Commons Agreement)

Thursday, March 19: Day three. Early start for drive by minibus to explore the beautiful mountain site of Preah Vihear, a Buddhist temple complex, which includes cyclopean masonry suggestive of a pre-Vedic origin. Return afterward to Siem Reap.

Above and below, The mysterious Buddhist temple complex of Preah Vihear, which displays cyclopean features suggestive of a pre-Vedic foundation - see picture bottom right (top left picture courtesy the Wiki Commons Agreement)

Friday, March 20: Day four. Visit Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, consisting of a series of Hindu and later Buddhist temples founded in the twelfth century by the king Suryavarman II. See the incredible carved panel showing the Hindu mythical concept of the churning of the ocean, featuring the struggles between the asuras and daevas, and the cosmic numbers 54 and 108. After lunch explore further temples in the Ankhor Archaeological Park.

Saturday, March 21. Day five. Early start to watch the equinoctial sun rise in line with Angkor Wat. Visit some of the other temples in the archaeological park during the day.

The magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
(pictures courtesy the Wiki Commons Agreement).

Sunday, March 22. Day six. Guests depart for home via Siem Reap airport, or leave in the afternoon for the flight to Luang Probong, a colourful city in north central Laos. Check into hotel in Luan Prabang, and enjoy the local restaurants and nightlife.

Monday, March 23. Day seven. Travel by minibus to Phonsovam. Stay night in local hotel.

Tuesday, March 24. Day eight. From Phonsovam visit the mysterious Plain of Jars, vast fields of human-sized megalithic jars weighing several tonnes a piece, many with accompanying lids. Carved long ago by some unknown culture, their function remains unclear. Stay the night in Phonsovam.

The strange Plain of Jars in Laos (pictures courtesy the Wiki Commons Agreement).

Wednesday, March 25. Day nine. Early trip back to Luan Prabang. In the evening climb to hilltop Buddhist temple, and later enjoy Luan Prabang's restaurants, night markets and nightlife.

Thursday, March 26. Day ten. Spend the morning in Prabang before flying back to Siem Reap. Arrive back at guest house and enjoy a free evening in Siem Reap.

Friday, March 27. Day eleven. Guests depart home via Siem Reap airport.

Stone naga snake at Angkor Wat and local children on megalithic jars
in the enigmatic Fields of Jars (left picture courtesy Wiki Commons Agreement)

Start point for the main tour and optional excursion: Siem Reap, the capital city of Siem Reap province, northwest Cambodia, which is accessible via international airports including Bangkok and Manila.

The guest house is close to the airport, and only ten minutes away from the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom temples.

Price per person $ 1900*

(earlybird price of $ 1750 for first five applicants)

Single person supplement: $200

Deposit per person: $ 300

* Based on two persons sharing a room



Cost per person $1350*

(earlybird price of $ 1200 for first five applicants)

Single person supplement $175

Deposit per person $200

* Based on two persons sharing a room



Deposit Options

Included in the price of tour: bed and breakfast on all days, admission to temples, overland travel. Cost of tuk-tuk hire to and from the Angkor Archaeological Park; Flights to and from Laos from Siem Reap are included in the price of the additional excursion to see the Plain of Jars. Visa entry cost into Cambodia (approximately $25) for those guests returning to Cambodia from the Laos excursion.

Not included in the tour price: initial Visa entry cost into Cambodia (approximately $25); lunch and evening meals (although these can be purchased cheaply in local bars and restaurants; cost of tuk-tuk hire outside of scheduled excursions; tips to drivers.

Evening lectures from one or more of the guest speakers where permissable.

Insurance requirements: Please note that guests must be in possession of a valid travel insurance covering the entire length of the tour. Tour guests going on to Laos must be in possession of a valid passport with at least eight months before its expiry date.

Cut off date for all bookings February 1, 2014.

Please read Terms and Conditions before making your booking

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. See you there!