The Search For The Source Of a Lost Civilisation




The legend of Atlantis is perhaps the most intriguing mystery of all time. Ever since Plato's fabulous account over 2350 years ago of an island empire set in the Atlantic Ocean, philosophers, explorers and historians have been enticed and frustrated by the search for the elusive truth behind the myth.



"Learned and erudite, but at the same time quite grippingly written and immensely readable...tremendous stuff. It will certainly become one of the classics on Atlantis."

Colin Wilson, crime writer and historian.

In one of the most compelling books ever written on the subject, Andrew Collins:

  • Demonstrates the former existence of Atlantis.
  • Follows the sea-route of ancient mariners to confirm Plato's story and disclose the true location of Atlantis...which still exists today
  • Answers the 2000-year-old questions:
    • Why did Plato state that Atlantis lay in the ocean close to an opposite continent once accessible to voyagers?
    • What part did these mariners play in the construction of the legend?
    • How do the cocaine mummies found in Egypt help unravel the mystery?
    • What caused the earthquakes and floods which destroyed the area?
    • Was all, or just part, of Atlantis's island empire drowned beneath the wave?


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