Andrew Collins Newsletter Vol. 12 No. 2(August 2009)

ii. Psychic Questing Weekender 2009

The second annual Psychic Questing Weekender will be held over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday, 19/20th September at the Village Hall, High Street, Avebury, Wiltshire. Weekend admission is £25 and tickets should be purchased in advance by clicking here. I shall be presenting a master class in psychic questing. This is using your hidden psychic talents to achieve tangible results, including artefact retrieval, remote viewing, psychometry, astral projection, dream incubation, and much more. I shall also be recounting some recent successful questing exploits, including the psychic side of our discoveries of the cave system at Giza. This, as many of you will understand, has some rather unorthodox elements, which I shall reveal for the first time. Clearly, I shall also be providing an audio-visual presentation on our discoveries, which will include the first ever public display of scenes from inside Giza's underground realm. For those of you interested in the search for the Hall of Records this is an unmissable event. Catch the spirit, and be there.

Green Stone Anniversary Events

The Psychic Questing Weekender will also include a special thirtieth anniversary presentation on the Green Stone story. Although a topic I thought I had left behind years ago, I have found myself being drawn back into this subject in a big way. It has made me re-evaluate many aspects of the saga, leading me to conclude that I am being nudged into writing on this subject again. I would love to do a new book on the Green Stone story, although quite obviously from a modern-day perspective. I have learnt so much that it would be criminal not to make these findings public.

This is where the audience of the Psychic Questing Weekender will benefit, for I shall talk about some of the new material, and get them involved in Green Stone inspired meditations, where we shall try and link directly to the events of September-October 1979. I shall also announce plans for us to visit some of the sites featured in the saga around the time of the 30th anniversary. I genuinely believe that it is important to celebrate this event in an appropriate manner, and I can't do this without you. So don't miss out. Details of local guest houses, B & Bs, and hotels are also listed online, so you can make your plans immediately.