Andrew Collins Newsletter Vol. 12 No. 3(October 2009)



On Saturday, September 26th I was contacted by a correspondent in the United States who said that a friend of hers living in Nazlet el-Samman, the village next to the Giza plateau, had heard that six people had been killed the previous day after a deep pit they had dug beneath a local house near the Sphinx collapsed in on them. Rumour had it that they were attempting to reach a lost city or palace of Khufu that legend asserted was located beneath the village. At least two people were also now under arrest pending further investigations into these illegal activities.

This seemed like an incredible story, although somehow it made sense for as far back as 2005 I had been told of stories relating to the existence of this underground city or palace by local people who firmly believed it to be there. One account recorded in BENEATH THE PYRAMIDS even indicated that it could be reached via the well Bir el-Samman in the Moslem cemetery beneath the gaze of Gebel Gibli, a few hundred meters south of the Sphinx. However, I reasoned that these myths might be distorted memories of Giza's cave underworld, which could extend beneath the village.

I asked a correspondent with an American TV network to check out the claims, and he was able to confirm that they were true. Six lives had been lost in this foolish venture, although the unfortumate death of the individuals had enabled the Egyptian authorities to retrieve various dynastic treasures that had been removed from the pit prior to its collapse.

Then this week I heard that the haul of priceless antiquities removed from the premises included items covered in gold leaf, including a mummiform coffin. There is also now a persisting rumour that the illegal dig has unearthed a lost "Temple of Khufu", which suggests that the site and the antiqitities date back to the Old Kingdom, and are thus contemporary with the Pyramids themselves.

I know no more at this time. However, it is a find that is both big in Egyptological terms, and ably demonstrates the sheer belief that persists among the residents of Nazlet el-Samman in a lost world beneath their very feet. It now seems like these legends, like those relating to Giza's cave underworld, are real. More on this story as it breaks.

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