London, Sunday, 05 November 2006. Guy Fawke's Day.


Huge Cosmic Ray Excess from Cygnus - Key to Evolutionary Changes?

A Report by Andrew Collins

Tibet air shower array, at Yangbajing (4300m above sea level,
90.53 deg E, 30.11 deg N) in Tibet, China.

Hope this finds you well in the aftermath of what was called QuestCon06, otherwise known as the 20th anniversary Questing Conference. This took place last weekend, and by all accounts it was one of the best, if not the best ever, with breakthrough presentations from Anthony Murphy, on Newgrange and the Cygnus enigma; Geoff Stray, on Beyond 2012; me on Stars, Stones and the Cygnus Mystery; Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, on the Templar Revelation and the very lastest on the Turin shroud as a photographic hoax created by Leonardo da Vinci; John Reid, on resurrecting Egypt's precision stone cutting technology; and, last but not least, Dr Gregory Little, on the Stones of Atlantis and the Great Bimini Hoax.

It was the first time ever that there were no slides, just PowerPoint presentations, video clips and animations, and guess what? It all went off like a dream, even though I have never held my hands together in prayer for so long in one day ever in my life, especially as I decided to be the technician for the day.

If you weren't there, you missed an audio-visual extravaganza unlike anything put on before, but if you were there, then you will remember this day for a very long time, indeed.

Afterwards, we went out on the town, taking over an Indian restaurant for a much needed celebration. The Sunday walkabout went well also, as I expounded the mysteries of the swan and its relationship to London's cult of Isis. We even discovered a huge stone statue of a bittern-like bird in the overlooked churchyard of St Swithin's near the London Stone in Cannon Street.

Three days were then spent touring south-west England with Greg Little and his wife Lora. Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Rollright Stones, Glastonbury, Cadbury, and Cheddar caves explored. Deep down in the bowels of the earth at Cheddar I enquired with a guide as to whether she or her colleagues ever experienced sudden flashes of light in front of their eyes, the effect of Cherenkov radiation created when disintegrating cosmic rays pass through the viscous part of the eye. The answer was a firm yes. They were mostly blue-white, which is in keeping with my own observations in darkened interiors, as well as those of the astronauts of the Apollo 11 space mission, who found that when they tried to go to sleep they would see bursts or streaks of light before their eyes. NASA investigated and found this effect to be caused by cosmic rays passing through the eyes of the astronauts.


Since I propose in THE CYGNUS MYSTERY that, aside from neutrinos, which very rarely interact with matter, the only form of cosmic rays to penetrate rock down to a depth of half a mile are those from Cygnus X-3, I wondered whether they were in fact 'seen' deep underground. If so, then this might have been crucial to the mindset of those shaman artists responsible for the Palaeolithic cave art of Western Europe, whose art was mostly inspired according to the work of David Lewis-Williams by altered states of consciousness. Moreover, that the rise and fall of these rays in accordance with the daily passage of Cygnus would eventually have been recognised, causing a most basic connection between seeing the light, so to speak, and the presence overhead of the constellation.

At the conference, a woman approached me and said that her father had worked down the Soudan mine in Minnesota, where after its closure particle physicists from the University of Minnesota working on the Soudan Experiment recorded huge excesses of mysterious cosmic particles inbound from Cygnus X-3 during the 1980s and 1990s. She said that he often saw blue flashes, as did other of the miners there.



Soudan mine, Minnesota, left, and particle detector, right.

How they interpreted them is not clear, but I strongly suspected that they were caused once again by disintegrating cosmic rays.

Cherenkov radiation produced in water by radiation.
Pic credit: University A & M, Texas

Confirmation of this fact would be vital to what I am saying about the origins of any interest in Cygnus during Palaeolithic times.

Anyway, confirmation that guides stationed deep underground in Cheddar caves also see similar blue flashes is intriguing, and well worth further investigation. Might it also account for why visitors to dolmens and passage graves have occasionally reported seeing almost indentical lights and flashes?


The announcement last month that the Tibet Air Shower Array experiment in Chinese Tibet has detected a huge excess of cosmic rays coming from the Cygnus region has raised a lot of eyebrows recently. The primary article, or paper, which appeared in the scholarly magazine SCIENCE (Amenomori, et al, 114:5798, 20 October 2006, pp. 439-443).

pins down the central core of the excess to coordinates ~38 degrees N dec (declination), ~309 degrees RA (right accension), which is close to the star Sadr, Cygnus's central star. This is not far from where a source of high energy gamma rays was also recently discovered (Aharonian, et al, A & A 393, L37 (2002)). These are coming from a point devoid of any kind of registerable activity in other electro-magnetic frequency ranges, such as optical, X-ray, infrared or radio. It is just 0.05 degrees north of Cygnus X-3, which we know creates powerful plasma jets of stellar debris, which accelerate cosmic rays to velocities close to the speed of light. Thus both the gamma ray source and the huge excess of cosmic rays registered in Tibet are almost certainly connected with Cygnus X-3's jet production.

These are reasons enough why Cygnus is the main source of cosmic rays reaching here from a point source inside our galaxy. In THE CYGNUS MYSTERY I write that we need to know more about the effect of these high energy cosmic rays on human DNA, including junk DNA, and to what degree they might have caused jumps in evolution.


If cosmic rays from Cygnus X-3 have indeed affected life on earth, then they still do so now. We hear so much about so-called Star Children or Indigo Children, who are being born now with special abilities in readiness for the emergence of cosmic consciousness which will accompany a sudden jump in evolution timed to coincide with the events of 2012.

Yet as I have said, and also repeated yesterday on stage at Witchfest in South London, those who study the end of the Mayan Long Count (or Baktun) calendar make it clear that the transition from one epoch to the next at dawn on 21 December 2012 will be marked by the birth of the new sun, which will emerge from a cosmic 'birth tube' formed by the Milky Way's Dark Rift. Yet what they have failed to understand is that the Dark Rift begins where are placed the stars of Cygnus, which means that the new sun on that day is born from this precise region of space. Whatever one thinks of the 2012 phenomenon, it is unlikely that the Maya, who predicted this event nearly 2,500 years ago, would have been unaware of the astronomical implications of what would occur on this date.


The sun's passage in the days before 21 December 2012, and its birth point in the Dark Rift on this day. Note Cygnus at the head of the Dark Rift.

Thus in my opinion, Cygnus is the key to 2012. It is the key to jumps in human evolution, and its effects are not going to cease now. The recent announcement from the scientists at the Tibet Air Shower Array that the Earth is being bombarded by a huge excess of cosmic rays from Cygnus is evidence of this fact. We are heading towards a very important juncture in humanity's history, of this I am now absolutely sure. For more information on 2012, see Geoff Stray's brilliant book BEYOND 2012 for a good overview of the subject.


For those needing to hear more about this subject and how it relates to Glastonbury's great terrestrial swan and the mysteries of the goddess Brigit, or Brigid - a personification of the Milky Way as the cosmic mother - come along to the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury High Street at 1 pm this Sunday, 12th November for what I have billed as 'Cygnus Day 2006'. Sponsored by Speaking Tree Books and my publisher Watkins, the event is entirely free. I need to talk more about this subject, and this is a golden opportunity, so don't miss it. A low res jpeg of the flyer is available on request. For more information click here.

I apologise to those not within travelling distance of Glastonbury, but hopefully I can speak in your town one day.

In the meantime. I still have left copies of the special edition of THE CYGNUS MYSTERY, which are available now by clicking here. Also this week we shall put up clips from a new 51-minute DVD on the Cygnus Mystery by ATA Productions of Memphis. It includes the whole story, as well as super cool animations of DNA, cosmic rays, black holes, neutron stars, and interviews with me. It costs just £11, plus postage, and details of how to get it via the site will be posted as soon as we can get it online. More on that later this week, hopefully.