London, Saturday, 21 October 2006.







Hi, good news. Today I have received the first advance copy of THE CYGNUS MYSTERY, which as the publishers Duncan Baird said looks absolutely beautiful (and no errors found so far!).

Its arrival today is extremely timely for three reasons.

Firstly, tonight my wife Sue and I are holding a private launch party here in Essex, during which we shall send forth the biggest firework rocket I could find towards Cygnus, overhead around ten o clock local time. If it is the true location of the origin 'heaven', and was seen as the destination of the soul in death, then perhaps this ritual might become a future trend for the celestial scattering of ashes!! Cheaper than renting space on a NASA rocket, a la the final destiny of Timothy Leary and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's earthly remains!

Secondly, the coming of the book today is timely because I have just received astonishing news that scientists have been monitoring an influx of extremely high cosmic rays in bound from the Cygnus constellation. They are hitting the earth at such an incredibly high rate that it is causing a flurry of speculation among the Japanese scientists monitoring they arrival at the Tibet Air Shower Arrays facility in Tibet. The story appears in the NEW SCIENTIST magazine, and can be viewed by clicking here.

I really advise you to read this story, as it bears out everything I am trying to say about Cygnus being the most obvious source of the cosmic rays that might well that accelerated human evolution in Palaeolithic times, kick starting organised religion and paving the way for civilization.

And finally, the main third reason why the release of the book this week is so timely is the extraordinary announcement from Dr Klaus Schmidt, the archaeologist from the German Archaeological Institute working for the past 12 years on Gobekli Tepe, the oldest stone temple in the world, that it is the site of the Garden of Eden. Click here to read.

This is the link to the original story, penned by British journalist Sean Thomas, with whom I have been in communication with since his arrival in Turkey last month. He tells me that since the story was broadcast worldwide earlier this week, Schmidt has withdrawn his comments, fearing that they might now be detrimental to his position as lead excavator at Gobekli Tepe. This is a very real fear, especially in the tense political climate that surrounds not only archaeoogical excavations in Turkey, but also the situation in Turkish Kurdistan as a whole. Remember, this is a region where you have to pass permanent army checkposts on a regular basis, and have to have written authority to even visit archaeological sites.

Yet the fact remains, Schmidt has revealed his true feelings about the significance of SE Turkey's proto-Neolithic sites such as Gobekli Tepe, over 11,500 years old, and he is in no doubt that this faceless culture, who existed before even the last ice age was over, were responsible for catalysing human civilization. If SE Turkey was the Garden of Eden, as I have always maintained, then I also feel I am right in stating that the priestly shamanic elite who controlled these advanced megalithic cult centres are remembered textually as the Watchers and Nephilim of the Book of Enoch, whose home was said to have been Eden, where the four rivers of paradise had their headwaters.

If correct, then the possible alignment of Gobekli Tepe towards Cygnus, as revealed in THE CYGNUS MYSTERY, is not without its greater importance, preserving within it a rich mythos of stellar based beliefs and practices centred around Cygnus being the cosmic source of life and death. Was it the constellation's influence upon the earth that made the first ancestors of the Watchers who they were, allowing their future kin to evolve much faster than their neighbours in other regions of the globe?. Were these walking 'Serpents' of Eden the true instigators of civilization?

The discoveries emerging both in science and from Gobekli Tepe tell me yes.

So raise a glass to Cygnus tonight.