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The Da Vinci Code Quest, hosted by Google, is attracting millions of hits daily in the lead up to the launch of the film, released worldwide on May 19. A fresh question is given each day, and new subscribers to the competition can catch up by running through all the questions at their leisure. Yet Question 3 is of special interest to this new site, for it asks:

The engraved tablet that is supposed to reveal
the hiding place of the Holy Grail is called the:

1. Meonia Stone?
2. Tabula rosa?
3. Keystone?
4. Rosetta Stone?

The answer being sought is 'keystone'. However, beneath the four possible answers it says:

'Not a chess player? Try searching on Google for the answers you need.'

This means that thousands of people will now be googling 'Meonia stone' hoping to find out what it is, and how it relates to the Holy Grail.

So what is the Meonia Stone? Click here to find out now.


The Sad Death of Marion Sunderlandand & the Green Stone Sale

- A Response from Andrew Collins

Thursday, 2 March 2006